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High Voltage PTC element and typical applications


PTC could work properly under high voltage between 100-240 V.


High voltage PTC elements could be applied to the heating of following instruments:

-          Steaming assisted hair brush

-          Steam generator

-          Curler

-          Warm air generator

-          Air conditioner

-          Electro thermal mosquito driving machines

-          Photo copier

-          Thermo sol gun

-          Hot air tube

-          Electro thermal heat preserving plate

-          Shoe drier

-          Electric cooker

-          Electro thermal boot

-          Mainline heating

-          Portable plastic capper

-          Humidifier

-          Video recorder

-          Dispenser

-          Hand warming machine

-          Tea leaf drier

-          Water pipe heater

-          Clothes drier for traveling

-          Automobile paint parching room

-          Liquefied gas tank heater

-          Devices for convenience of bathing

-          Hair dressing machine

-          Electro thermal dinning table

-          Feeding bottle thermostat

-          Electro thermal curer

-          Electric kettle

-          Electro thermal carpet


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