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FAQ about PTC Heaters
Characteristics of PTC heating element


1. Electronic Safety:

The PTC heating element is installed with safety protection device. When it is used abnormally, current will automatically cut off to maintain safety.


2. Lower electricity cost & longer product life:

The heating elements are integrated together, consist of average heating effect. When used for heaters, it can independently control single PTC (500W,800W) double PTC (1000W,1500W) or triple PTC(1500W,2000W) heating elements, effectively saves electricity cost and increases product life.


3. Stable electrical property:

The pole and terminal are connected by point welding, preventing electrode loosen causing resistant and temperature to increase when heated, cold contraction or heat inflation.


4. Avoiding of electric shock or short circuit:

The outer edge of the PTC heating element is designed with single and double insulation. When in contact with metal will not cause electric shock or short circuit.


5. Airtight / tightly sealed:

The heating element is airtight / tightly sealed, electrode is unexposed. Most suitable for application in bathroom or high humidity locations.


6. Applicable under water:

It is installed with double insulation heating device, can be used underwater, without causing electricity leakage or short circuit. When heated dry, it will not crack or burn down the container.


7. Long life time:

No smell, no radiation and will not oxidize or cause oxygen shortage when used for a long time.


8. Rapid warming:

Fast thermal respond time, low inrush current. Will not cause fire sparks or flame by instant/sudden power supply or when in contact with flammable objects such as matches, cotton, paper.


9. Self temperature controlling:

Temperature control devices are not required for various temperature selections. Static heating, lowers product cost and saves electricity effectively.


10. Wide application range:

The heating element not only can be used in heater fans, its individual components can also be used for general house ware electricity appliances


11. Various design accordingly:

Either AC/DC can be applied to meet customers' requirements, special specification can be developed according to customers' need.



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