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Electric Heating Alloy Slice Element


Electric alloy slice element is metal type heating film element.

Special alloy materials designed according to different various application items is rolled into thin slices for various equipages.

The heating power depends on the resistance rate of the element.

Resistance rate is designed and controlled by thickness, width, length and shape´ of the element.

Min thickness could be 0.025 mm.


Product Features:

-          Good pliability for various shape appliance

-          Uniformly heating efficiency

-          The element is wrapped by insulation materials so as to work safely

-          Moisture and corrosion resistant

-          Easy to be fixed on the heated surface

-          Rapid warming

-          Super thin in thickness


Typical applications:

-          Electric heating oil removal for cooker hood

-          Heat preservation device for cans

-          Incubators for the eggs

-          Pet pad

-          Electric heater for water bed

-          Wax melting device

-          Demister mirror


Technical specification:


Electrical strength

No breakdown at 1500 V / 1 min 5 mA

Service life

8000 hours of dry burning at 70 ≧

Power tolerance

+/- 10 %

Power density

<=2.5 W / cm2

This property is relative with the application details of the heating element

Working voltage

AC or DC

Size and shape

Developed according to final applications




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