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PTC Air Heater with Plastic Frame


PTC air heater is one kind of heater that are able to maintain automated temperature control and power saving.

It depends on PTC elements as its heating resources, and corrugated plate made of aluminum alloy as its radiator.

The heaters are processed by conglutination and welding.

Heat resistant plastic (PPS) frame is equipped for more easy installation for final applications.



Product Features:

-          Very low air resistance

-          Long service life

-          No Thermostat Required

-          Virtually unlimited life

-          No moving parts to wear

-          Very low cost

-          No electrical noise

-          The higher the temperature, the more electricity efficient

-          Does not burn when in contact with paper, matches or clothes



Typical applications:

-          Air conditioners

-          Drier

-          Warm air generator

-          Air conditioner for both warm and cold temperature

-          Automobiles





Product Model Defining:


Quantity of PTC element


Grade of standard Unit





Rated Voltage

>240 V

240 V

230 V

220 V

120 V

Distance between heating sheet


Connecting method



Rated Wattage









Note: UL, CQC and SEMKO certifications are available on these parts.



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