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Porus (Honey Comb) PTC heating Element


Porus PTC heater (with holes) is a special heating element developed in 1999.

The special advantage of this product is: it can provide warm air of constant temperature while it¨s put in windy condition.

It is simply structured, do not need other devices for temperature control, or conductive adhesive, other devices of heat abstractor.



Product Features:

-          Safe and reliable while working

-          Wide range of working voltage

-          Long life time of application

-          Stable out put wattage

-          There are a variety of shapes, it can be customized according to customer requirements.



Typical Applications:

-          Air-conditioners

-          Desiccating machine

-          Warm air blower

-          Suit dryer

-          Automobile



Product Model defining:


Product Shape

1. Circular

2. Sector (fan shaped)

3. Rectangle

4. Triangle


External Diameter of Sector

Length of Rectangle


Diameter of Circular

Internal Diameter of Sector

Width of Rectangle

Side size of equilateral triangle



Rated Voltage


Quantity of Elements





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