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Thick Film (MMH) Heating Element for Hair Dressing


Thick film heater is a new type of heating element using film net printing technology to print different materials (such as insulating medium, heating resistance and glass glaze) on the surface of stainless steel mother-board by high temperature sintering procedure.


Product Features:

-          Using new thick film technology which is stable and reliable

-          The heating film is made of new type nonmetal materials which could be printed on stainless steel board, no lead, no poison

-          The shape of stainless steel mother board could be defined according to different product design

-          Heating power could be more than 3000 W

-          Power density could be 5-60 W/cm2

-          Rapid warming:

It takes 20 seconds to heat 250 ml water

Comparing with traditional PTC heater for hair pin (DC 3.5 V), it need 50% time to reach 180 ≧


-          High heat transferring rate (70-99%)

-          High corrosion resistance

-          Because using of the high temperature (850 ≧) sintering technology, the heating film could be hardly damaged

-          High insulation property: rated insulating voltage is: 1500 V, max 3750 V

-          Long service life based on patent protected temperature controller: 100,000 times

-          Complying with RoHS and UL safety standards



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