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Tempered Glass Heating Panel (ceramic type)


Tempered glass heating panel adopts different kinds of nonmetallic electric conductive and radiated materials such as inorganic ceramic & glass to form up an inorganic conductive resistance film on its surface, which come into a whole unit together with the tempered glass.

The materials above are fixed on the surface of tempered glass through printing and high temperature sintering procedure.

When it is electrified, the electric resistance film provide infrared heat by radiation and convection.



Product Features:

-          Long service life because of no oxidation while working of the heating film

-          Strong Far Infrared Radiation, wavelength is 2-15 um. It is similar as feeling of sunlight warming

-          The element is one kind of planer heat source which equally heat in full area. Low power density, low temperature film. Working temperature is <= 140 ≧

-          The element has good resistance to heat and cool impacting.

-          The surface of the element appears like colored glaze, never fade away.


Typical applications:

-          Glass heater

-          Electric heating glass table-top

-          Electric heating fishbowl

-          Cloth dryer


Technical specification:


Electrical strength

No breakdown at 3750 V / 1 min 0.5 mA

Service life

20,000 hours of dry burning at 140 ≧

Power tolerance

+5 C 10 %

Power density

<= 0.30 W / cm2

This property is relative with the application details of the heating element

Working voltage

AC or DC

Size and shape

Developed according to final applications




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