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Mica Heating Panel (ceramic type)


Mica heating panel with electric heating film is developed for mid-high temperature heating applications.

The mixed nonmetallic electric conducting materials (ceramic, glass´) are printed and sintered on the surface of mica panels as electric heating film.

The heating film provides thermal by heat radiation & convection as heat transfer way.


Product Features:

-          Long service life because of no oxidation while working of the heating film

-          Strong Far Infrared Radiation, wavelength is 2-15 um. It is similar as feeling of sunlight warming

-          The heater is made of inorganic materials, the electric properties are stable while working and delivery.

-          Rapid warming

-          Uniformly heating efficiency (uniformity rate: 85%)

-          It is NTC type heating element, is not affected by ^inrush current ̄


Typical applications:

-          Radiation and convection type room heaters

-          Far Infrared light-ware room

-          Glass-mica room heater

-          Electric heating physiotherapeutic

-          Wax melting device


Technical specification:


Electrical strength

No breakdown at 1500 V / 1 min 5 mA

Service life

20,000 hours of dry burning at 210 ≧

Power tolerance

+5 C 10 %

Power density

<= 0.55 W / cm2

This property is relative with the application details of the heating element

Working voltage

AC or DC

Size and shape

Developed according to final applications




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