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About Us
About Us
Brief Introduction


Shanghai MinKia Electronic Technology Research Institute is a Non-profit firm established by experts¡¯ team from University of Shanghai for Science and Technology (USST) and Hefei University.



The brief research fields are ¡°Energy & Power Engineering¡± and ¡°Application Electronic Technology¡±.

Ever sine the foundation of the research institute in 2010, we were providing technical supports in various projects relative with the 2 fields above.

The projects include:

-          Thermal Energy application solution for large buildings

-          Heating solutions for household applications

-          Electric & electronic thermal parts for domestic appliances

Our working fields cover:

-          Thermal energy providing system evaluation & designing

-          System integration for thermal energy application

-          Heating parts designing and developing for electric & electronic appliances


In December 2011, we issued strategic cooperation agreement with Shanghai MinkVon industry group as technical supports provider on electric & electronic thermal applications and relative projects.


To execute the agreement above and act the role above, we built up separate offices and teams as bellow:


Develop & Design Center


Laboratory Testing Center

test 1

test 2

Inspection Office in Dongguan (of Guangdong province)


Inspection Office in Jiaxing (of Zhejiang province)


Inspection Office in Shanghai





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